These Regulations come into effect from 1 October this year & we know that some clients do make use of agency workers. We hope that you will find the highly condensed summary of the main feature below of use to you.

  • Workers employed through an agency will have the same rights (in respect of employment and working conditions) as direct recruits if/when they complete twelve weeks in the same job.
  • The provisions will not apply retrospectively. That is to say that the qualifying period for those already on assignment will start to run from1 October
  • Agency workers will be entitled to the same facilities(e.g. childcare, canteen) and information on job vacancies as direct recruits from day one of their assignment
  • Agency workers will be entitled to equal treatment in terms of such things as pay and basic working conditions. Pregnant (Agency) workers will be entitled to paid time off for ante natal appointments

Employers will need to provide the agency with up to date information on their terms and conditions so that they can ensure that an agency worker receives equal treatment after 12 weeks