There are several questions that are asked regularly. Here, we try to answer most of them, especially the ones that concern part time workers or those employers for whom Bank Holidays are normal working days.

1. Can employees be required to work on Bank Holidays?      

As there is no statutory to take Bank Holidays everything depends on the terms in the contract. For some businesses, such as care homes, bank holidays are normal working days and are stated as such in the contract.

2. Are employees who are required to work on Bank Holidays entitled to additional pay &/or time off in lieu?      

There is no statutory entitlement to either, so everything depends on the terms of the employment contract. However, all employees are entitled to at least 5.6 weeks of annual holiday based on their normal or average hours of work. For a 5 day week worker this equates to 20 days plus the 8 bank holidays. For a part timer working 15 hours per week, it amounts to 5.6 X 15 = 84 hours per year of paid holiday. Think of it as holihours rather than holidays.