So many companies seem to regard recruitment as a game of chance in which they might be lucky, but if not, the new recruit will go within the Probationary Period. This is a costly way to do things and means the chances of recruiting the “right” candidate are greatly reduced.

It still surprises me that so many companies do not take up references; do not ask to see the qualifications that candidates claim to have or even to see the original driving licence of someone who will be driving on company business.

If you want to learn how to improve your chances of recruiting successfully, I will be running a full day seminar on Friday 23rd April in collaboration with Robin Hills who has considerable experience of the proccess, including the use of psychometric testing.

Between us we will cover:-

An overview of the recruitment process

Job Descriptions and Candidate Profiles

Reviewing CV’s

Interview preparation

Types of Question – Open, Closed, Silent, Reflective, Follow-on, Non-verbal, Leading

Interviews – assessing competencies & attitudes

Avoiding discrimination – Disability, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age, Religion or Belief

Other legal issues – Data Protection, The importance of consistency and records, The right to work in the UK.

The seminar will be limited in numbers to ensure audience involvement and will cost £295.00 per person plus VAT. To register your interest, without commitment at this stage, e-mail your contact details to