All businesses need to have up to date systems in place to cover the following areas:

Employee’s Terms & Conditions of Employment

Employment Practice and Law provide your business with professional advice relating to employee’s terms and conditions of employment which covers the following matters:

  • Pay
  • Employment contacts and conditions
  • Holidays and Time off
  • Flexible Working
  • Working Hours
  • The National Minimum Wage
  • Business Transfers and Takeovers

Drafting Workplace Policies

Writing workplace policies can be so much more than just writing a guidebook for your employee’s to follow.  Workplace policies allow you to communicate your businesses mission statement and core values effectively and positively.

If your workplace policies are not written correctly and clearly, your employee’s may not fully understand the boundaries by which they must comply with under their employment.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Understanding and following laws and regulations on equal opportunities and diversity within the workplace allow your business to get the best possible performance out of employees.  Employment Practice and Law provide businesses with guidance and documentation on how to offer equal opportunities and diversity through their workforce without any discrimination.

Absence / Sickness Procedures

Employment Practice and Law will provide your business with assessment and documentation in absence procedures and policies that will demonstrate to employees that you treat sickness and absence fairly and seriously. Absence and sickness procedures should clearly state how your business will deal with any absences or sick leave.

Any procedures stated by your business must always be followed to warrant against any employee claims that they have been treated unfairly.

We also run Absence & Sickness Procedures Seminars

Maternity / Paternity Provisions

Employment Practice and Law allow your business to provide fair and legal provisions for employee’s that require maternity or paternity leave and pay.  Procedures and policies concerning maternity and paternity must be helpful to both your employee’s and your business.

Businesses pay statutory maternity pay and paid paternity to employee’s, but have the right to claim most of this back from the government.  Employment Practice and Law can advise your business on how to do this as well as with the administration and documentation needed for maternity and paternity provisions.


Remuneration is an important matter to get correct within your business, Employment Practice and Law provided businesses with professional advice and documentation through a HR Audit, covering employee wages, salary, bonuses and commissions.

Grievance & Disciplinary

Through the grievance and disciplinary procedures and policies that your business provides to its employees it must clearly communicate you’re:

  • specific disciplinary/dismissal procedures and what they are for
  • disciplinary rules
  • the person to whom they should appeal if they are unhappy about a disciplinary decision

Being fully aware of and understanding the codes of practice you must abide by when taking part in any grievance and disciplinary procedures is paramount, to ensure that all parties are treated fairly.

Employment Practice and Law provide your business with advice, guidance and documentation for dealing with grievance and disciplinary procedures in the workplace, as well as Seminars on Grievance & Disciplinary Handling.

Although it is always preferable to manage difficult employment situations when they first occur, Employment Practice & Law specialise in dealing with HR situations that require more drastic action

Health & Safety

Assist businesses in the establishment of compliant health & safety policies and procedures, so minimising risk and the potential cost of accidents.

Employment Practice and Law are here to help

Employment Practice and Law make Human Resource Management easy for all different sizes of businesses.  A Human Resources (HR) Audit can be of great value to a business as it allows your business to find areas that need developing or areas where savings can be made.

Through our ongoing Outsourced HR Management Service, we ensure that your HR and Workplace Policies & Procedures remain up-to-date, not only from a legal perspective, but also to reflect changes within your organisation.