When recruiting a new member of staff, there are a number of important considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Identifying the job you want someone to perform – Job Description
  2. Identify the experience/personality of the “ideal” candidate – Person Specification
  3. Where to advertise the vacancy – Jobcentre/trade magazines/headhunting/regional papers etc – do you need a C.V. from Applicants
  4. Do you have a medical questionnaire? If not, should you have one for this position?
  5. Are specific qualifications either desirable or essential – which is the case
  6. Sorting “wheat from chaff”, how many to interview, acknowledging applications
  7. What are the relevant questions to ask for a given type of position i.e. different questions for a manual role as opposed to a technical role which needs a high level of product knowledge &/or specific qualifications
  8. Have a common list of questions you will ask candidates for any position and space to record the answers given. (see 13 below).
  9. Understand the difference between open & closed questions and how the latter are generally more useful  e.g. Tell me how it was that you single-handedly doubled the turnover of your current/last employer.
  10. Be ready to ask for more information if the answer seems too glib or lacking in detail.
  11. Be suspicious (within reason). If a candidate claims to hold qualifications, ask them to bring their certificates etc to the interview. Equally, if someone says they left a well paid job for a lower paid one in order to “broaden my career experience” you should probe further – and ask if  you may approach the (higher paying) employer for a reference.
  12. References – it still surprises how many employers neglect this obvious precaution. As a general requirement you should be asking for a reference from current &/or last employer.
  13. Be aware of discrimination legislation in the questions you ask of all interviewees.

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